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Here is February's Legislative Update

The Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) asked female legislators from across the country to read Grace for President, a story that teaches an important lesson about leadership to girls and boys in their districts. I will be reading to several elementary schools in the community during the upcoming weeks in honor of Women’s History Month. This week, I was at Satchelford Elementary.

I was honored to be asked to speak at the Capitol City Club at the Women in Politics Breakfast Forum with Amanda Loveday and Councilwoman Debbie Barry Summers this month. We had a wonderful time discussing the role of women in elected positions and meeting with our community members.


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Below is my monthly review on what happened at the State House during the past few weeks. In the House we were able to approve a number of bills that have been sent to the Senate, including a bill providing for local Domestic Violence Fatality Review Committees, a South Carolina Farm Aid Fund, and an income tax credit for taxpayers who use nonresidential solar energy. You can read the details below.

As always, I am interested in hearing your thoughts and concerns on the issues. Thank you for electing me to serve you and our community at the State House.


Beth Bernstein

Legislative Updates:

Week of February 5, 2016

H. 3145 – provides that a person is immune from civil liability for property damage resulting from his forcible entry into a motor vehicle for the purpose of removing a minor or vulnerable adult from the vehicle if the person has a reasonable good faith belief that forcible entry into the vehicle is necessary because the minor or vulnerable adult is in imminent danger of suffering harm. Concurred in Senate amendments

H. 3874 – Provides income tax credits for taxpayers who construct, purchase, lease, and place large-scale nonresidential solar energy equipment into service. Concurred in Senate amendments

H. 4579 – Provides for the joint election of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor beginning with the general election in 2018. Approved and sent to the Senate.

H. 4665 – Provides for the screening of magistrate candidates by the Judicial Merit Selection Commission. Approved and sent to the Senate.

Week of February 12, 2016

H. 3041 – Proposes an amendment to the Constitution, making the Superintendent of Education a position appointed by the Governor. Approved and sent to the Senate

H. – 4666 – Provides for local Domestic Violence Fatality Review Committees. Requires each Circuit Solicitor to establish an interagency circuit wide review committee to assist local agencies in identifying and reviewing domestic violence deaths, including homicides and suicides, and facilitating communication among the various agencies involved in domestic violence cases Approved and sent to the Senate

H. 4857 – Established landfill requirements for coal ash from electrical power plants Approved and sent to the Senate

Week of February 26, 2016

H.4548 – Provides for clarification in the provisions authorizing motor vehicle dealers to charge closing fees in motor vehicle sales for all administrative and financial work needed to transfer a motor vehicle to the consumer. Approved and sent to the Senate

H. 4938 – Provides for a survey of state college students on teaching in rural and economically challenged school districts. Approved and sent to the Senate

H. 4717 – South Carolina Farm Aid Fund, assists farmers affected by the historic flood who have lost at least 40% of agriculture commodities with up to $100,00 grants. Creates a farm board to administer the fund. Received second reading

H. 4577 – Provides for aircraft property tax proceeds to be credited to the state aviation fund to support the maintenance and upkeep of airports. Approved and sent to the Senate

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