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Happy New Year and the Upcoming Legislative Session

Dear Friends and Neighbors, As this year comes to an end, I am optimistic about the opportunities 2017 will bring, and I look forward to working on several important issues in the upcoming legislative session, a few of which are outlined below.

1. Infrastructure -- A Practical, Sustainable, Non-partisan approach

The General Assembly must take responsible action to find stable and sufficient funds to fix our depleted state infrastructure system, while simultaneously planning for the infrastructure needs of the future. A modern infrastructure system is needed to guarantee we fully meet our economic development potential as a state. 2. Immediate Action to Reform K-12 Public Education Funding The number one challenge facing public schools in South Carolina is the broken system used to fund our public schools. There is a direct link between economic development and education. High-quality public schools is the key foundation piece necessary for South Carolina’s long-term economic success and work-force development. We need to improve the system, pass meaningful legislation, and guarantee all South Carolina students have the opportunity for a high quality education. 3. County Recreation Commission Due to the controversies we have had with the Richland County Recreation Commission over the last several years, I will be filing legislation allowing county legislative delegations to abolish a county recreation commission and devolve the commission's powers to its county council. As an alternative, I also will be filing legislation which would give a county legislative delegation concurrent authority to remove county recreation commission commissioners for due cause. 4. Pregnancy Accommodation Bill In order to combat pregnancy discrimination and to promote public health and ensure full and equal participation for working women who become pregnant, I will be filing legislation requiring employers to provide simple and reasonable accommodation to employees with conditions related to pregnancy, childbirth and related conditions. 5. Child Passenger Safety Requirements In order to update child passenger restraint systems to standards recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, I will be filing legislation to update child passenger safety requirements for infants and children. 6. Background Checks for Gun Purchases - Closing the "Charleston Loophole" To prevent criminals from purchasing a gun, I have re-filed legislation which would prevent someone with a criminal background from purchasing a firearm. This would close what is commonly referred to as the "Charleston Loophole." Convicted murderer Dylan Roof would not have been permitted to purchase his gun if the law required a clear background check before purchasing a firearm. I also will be focusing my energy and attention on domestic violence issues, children's issues and issues affecting our aging population. If you would like to discuss any of these issues or have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime. I wish you all a safe and prosperous 2017!

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