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Flood Update 2

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

SLED Special Agent Stan Arrington flew Senator Joel Lourie, Mayor of Forest Acres Frank Brunson, and me in a helicopter today to survey the damage from above. While most of the lakes have receded, there are still many areas with significant water accumulation. I hope the affected areas will continue to dry out and the last of the remaining bridges and dams stay intact.

It has been so comforting to see how our community has come together in this time of crisis. We live in a truly special community. Thank you to all of the first responders, law enforcement, firemen, the national and state guard, volunteers, the media, and our state and local leaders for all of your assistance and guidance during this crisis.

I have copied below information from the SC Department of Consumer Affairs with respect to home repair scams.

Please stay safe and be careful.

Best wishes,

SCAM ALERT: Home Repair Scams in Wake of SC Flood

COLUMBIA, S.C. – The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs (SCDCA) warns that when natural disasters bring destruction, con artists follow closely behind. Scammers prey on individuals who are emotionally vulnerable and overwhelmed. They lure consumers with deals to repair the damage that are often too good to be true. Consumers should follow these tips when seeking help with home repairs in the wake of the flood:

• Beware of contractors who just show up at the door. They’ll offer you a great deal because they’re “in the neighborhood” and have materials left over from a previous job. Reputable contractors don’t work that way.

• Get all promises in writing. If it isn’t written down, it doesn’t count. Verbal promises are worthless because if there’s a dispute, you have nothing to back up your claim.

• Do not be pressured into buying. Good businesses don’t need to rush you into a decision. The high-pressure buy now approach is designed to keep you from comparison shopping. Don’t fall for it and get at least two bids for the work.

• Require a contractor’s license and proper identification. Make sure they have the appropriate licenses from the state and county/city. Check their id and get the car/ truck license tag number.

• Never pay in full up front. Make sure the contract has a payment schedule. Don’t let payments get ahead of the work.

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