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Memorial Day 2019

Dear Friends and Neighbors, This weekend, as we come together with family and friends to honor and remember the men and women who have lost their lives while serving in the United States Armed Forces, we also pay tribute to the tremendous sacrifice they made for all of our benefit. Honor and Remember. Wishing you a safe Memorial Day weekend! Best,

Regular Legislative Session is Over. Here's your update on what's been happening at the Sta

Dear Friends and Neighbors, We ended our first year of our two year legislative term last week. We will return next week to discuss a few matters including the Budget. I will outline these in my End of Session Legislative Update next month. In the meantime, I've listed below the bills that have passed the House since my last update. As your Representative at the State House, I think it is important that you know more about specific issues that I have worked diligently on, passed both the House and Senate, and will become effective upon the Governor's signature: The "Teen Vaping Prevention Act," which amends the Youth Access to Tobacco Prevention Act of 2006, makes it more difficult

Legislative Update #2 (February - April)

Dear Friends and Neighbors: Here is my 2nd Legislative Update for this session. It is very lengthy but contains important detailed information about the education reform bill and the fiscal budget. We have been busy since my last update five weeks ago. We passed an education reform act along with several other bills, two of which are bills that I sponsored and worked diligently in getting passed -- the Teen Vaping Prevention Act and the Medical History of An Adopted Child's Biological Parent bill. We also passed a $29.95 billion budget and now the Senate will review it and make its recommendations. All are outlined in more detail below. As always, I am interested in hearing yo